Forza Horizon 2 - Barn Find - Ford Capri 1974

Forza Motorsport is primarily owned and developed by Turn10 Studios (USA), however the 'Horizon' branch of the franchise is developed by Playground Games in the UK. Horizon focuses on open world locations rather than track based racing, and is set in a fictitious racing festival atmosphere.

As Senior Artist at Microsoft, my main responsibilities were wide and varied. During the pre-production / R+D phase, I helped develop various in-house tools and shaders and I assisted with overhauling, improving and creating parts of the pipeline ready for production.

During production, I worked primarily on the Vehicle team, however I also modelled and fully lit Environmental scenes and built all the props / assets within them. The Barn and vehicles that I built were used in in-game cut scenes.

Dean ashley forza ford capri 1974 cam 1

Ford Capri 1974

Dean ashley forza ford capri 1974 rear

Ford Capri 1974

Forza Horizon 2: Launch Trailer